In 2020, after harsh confinement, we can enjoy the beach. Of course, we must do it safely. For the same reason, we recommend that you follow these 3 tips.

Many people are immersed in their summer vacations, although they are completely different from those we remember. We continue to fight, day by day, with a global pandemic derived from COVID-19. Many are the risks that remain, especially if we travel to other places.

Can we safely go to the beach this summer? Of course, as long as we follow a series of tips to the letter. In the end, the last outbreaks registered by the Ministry of Health coincide with coastal areas. Do you want to know what you have to do to enjoy a beach vacation safely?

Social distancing, something fundamental

The specialists insist on this, and it is not for less, not only for passersby but also for bathers. In this way, many coastal municipalities have decided to limit their bathing areas in the sea. They have established a series of itineraries when accessing these areas to comply with safety and hygiene measures.

The distance between umbrellas is also taken into account, and they will not be installed less than four meters from those around them. Sports or gatherings of more than 15 people are not recommended.

Try not to touch the furniture

It is inadvisable to use parks, as well as sports facilities. Also, it is recommended to both clean and disinfect, every day, beach furniture such as showers or wastebaskets and common areas and transit such as wooden walkways.

From this measure, we make it clear that, to heal yourself in health, try not to touch these areas to avoid risks. Another option is to bring your disinfectant, clean the area, and use it. It may be less practical than not touching it directly, but it is also a feasible option.

Beach bars must follow sanitary recommendations

And to the letter, since the traffic they have is incredible. With which, these mythical summer restaurants will have to follow all the protocols established by the Ministry of Health in terms of hospitality establishments and lifeguard posts.

Of course, they also have to follow cleaning, hygiene, and safety protocols for changing rooms and services. They have to be well ventilated and, of course, disinfected to avoid any kind of problem. Hopefully, these measures will only have to be used in 2020, and in 2021 we will again enjoy summer like the old ones.